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Kids Ranch Rodeo

Thank You for your interest in
our latest adventure,
Kids Ranch Rodeo!

Family entertainment for kids young and old.
We hold events across the central United States.

The Kids Ranch Rodeo is versatile. There is no limit to the activities we can offer! Kids Ranch Rodeo is the same as the traditional complete Ranch Rodeo only with wooden horses and cows. The cows give real milk and you can't get bucked off our wooden horses. The kids just need to bring themselves and a smile and be ready to have fun. It's educational and exciting!

Here are just some of the activities we do!

THE WILD COW MILKING involves teams of 4 (which we set up) who run down to the cow and catch her. While one member milks the cow in a little bucket, the “milker” gets on the back of the cow and the other 3 pull her back to the judge. The milk is then dumped into the judge’s hand just like a real rodeo.

Another event we do is THE DUMMY ROPING event. We teach kids how to rope and we furnish the miniature feed sack and ropes.

We have pygmy goats to do the THE GOAT TIE. Even the toddlers can get involved. We put the ribbon on the tail and they run down to the goat, take the ribbon off and bring it back to the judge. As the kids get older the events get tougher.

There are races and activities for parents and grandparents too! Get involved with your kids and have a time to remember!

These are only a few of the activities that we offer. Some others are listed below. The number of activities we can do for your show will be limited only by the time allowed.

If you have more questions or need more information or photos for advertising just let us know! 308-799-4845

The Ranch Rodeo is for Kids young & old with wooden cows that give real milk,
wooden horses everyone can ride, clowns, jokes and fun!

Here are some of our most popular activities! We will furnish:
Goat Tie Announcer and coordinator
Wild Cow Milking Clowns!
Barrel Racing
Egg Race
Each contestant with their back number and pictures of clowns
Flag Race All equipment for every event
Dummy Roping
Wild Cow Branding
Education of the “what” and “why” ranchers do what they do
Diaper Pinning The insurance
Wild Cow Vaccinating You just furnish the directions as to where you would like us to do it. Kids Ranch Rodeo can be held on any surface, grass, dirt, ball diamond and etc
Pony Express Race
And many more!

Fun-filled Family Entertainment with CLOWN ACTS, JOKES AND FUN! Talented clowns watch out for the safety of the kids and animals while they keep the crowd entertained with jokes and entertaining acts!


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