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Mutton Busting
Kid's Ranch Rodeo
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Mutton Busting

Mutton busting is a fun rodeo event for kids!

Straddle those sheep, hang on and go for the
ride of your life.

Fun to watch. Fun to do.
Its great entertainment for everyone!


We Provide: Prior To Show:
15 years experience and over 60,000 riders We register all contestants
24 foot brightly painted trailer so kids know we have arrived We will have a release paper to be signed by the parents.
Over 30 sheep
Safety clowns who help the kids in the arena
Each contestant is weighed.
(Critical to the safety of the sheep.)
Wrangler for sheep
Coordinator for the show
Each contestant is given a number for their back and a picture of the clowns.
Small PA system We provide helmets for safety
Jokes, laughs, and clown acts We provide instructions on how to ride sheep
We provide insurance  

All you need to do is furnish a sheep tight arena, sit back and relax!!!!


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